Some questions you may have...

How much will it cost for AUDIOJAXX to play at my wedding or party?

There are many variables which could influence the band's fee, e.g. type of event and distance to travel.  Email us or complete the booking form and tell us more about your event and AUDIOJAXX will swiftly provide you with a quote!

What sort of music do AUDIOJAXX play?

AUDIOJAXX play a varied set covering many different genres. They play songs that will appeal to all ages at your party, from Auntie Mo who once chased The Beatles through the streets of London screaming, to your brother who is a massive indie fan to Cousin Billy who loves classic pop music! Although songs are from different genres, they have one common factor - they are all great songs! You will also find a Spotify playlist of the songs that have appeared on our setlist over the years on our 'PLAYLIST' page to give you an idea of what we are about.

Can I see AUDIOJAXX live before I book them?

We recommend this if it's possible. AUDIOJAXX play a few public performances each year solely to allow people who are considering booking them to come and watch and confirm that AUDIOJAXX are the right band for their event (and have a beer and a dance!). All public performances will be advertised through the band's social media pages. If you are not able to attend the public performances, the band will be happy to provide you with references that will confirm we are the right band for your event – check our testimonial page! Don't forget to follow our social media channels, you'll find some videos on our YouTube channel!

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes. A 10% deposit will be required to confirm the date in the band's busy diary.

What happens if I cancel the band?

AUDIOJAXX are in demand. The chances are that someone else also enquired about your date so, if you cancel, you will unfortunately lose your deposit. Also, if the cancellation is short notice then you will be required to pay 100% of the band's fee thus covering loss of earnings. If you cancel with more than 6  weeks notice, there will be no additional charge. If you cancel with less than 6 weeks’ notice, you will be required to pay 100% of the remaining fee.

Can I choose the set or should I leave it to the band?

AUDIOJAXX take pride in the product they provide. They've been doing this for a long time and  therefore know what songs fill a dance floor. They consider which songs work best for that particular audience, the balance of genres covered for an audience, the order or sequence of songs and even the impact of 'gaps' or 'no-gaps' based on how the room is reacting. It's a finely tuned machine. It is highly recommended that you leave the song choices and order to the band. 

However, If there is that special 'uni days song' or a 'sunset song' or even just a song that you love that you would like the band to play, then the band will try their very best to include it for you. AUDIOJAXX can also play your first dance. However, this must depend on the suitability of the song considering the instruments available. There may be an additional fee for learning a special song if it is not one that the  band are already familiar with.

What service should i expect?

Every AUDIOJAXX booking will guarantee you with;

- Profesional service from start to finish. There's lots of top quality competition out there, so we pride ourselves on maintaining the level of service we provide. We're only s good as our last performance!

- Party music! 2 x 45 minute awesome live party sets from the band (+ encore)! A mix of genres and styles to appeal to all guests at your event.

- Top spec pro lightning rig & PA system. A professional, simple, effective and impressive stage set up.

- Efficient and effective communication. We appreciate that wedding planning is very stressful! We have years of experience under our belts so don't worry, we have our part covered. Don't hesitate to ask though!

In addition to our standard provision, you can add the following 'bolt-ons' to your booking. Let us know if you would like us to add these to your quote;

- DJ/MC provision. We can keep your guests entertained before, between and after the band's live sets, introduce your first dance and cutting the cake, play your favourite songs, etc. You can have as much control over the DJ choice as suits.

- Learn and play your first dance. Let us know if you would like us to play your first dance or any other songs that may be special to you, your friends or your family!

Do AUDIOJAXX have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, AUDIOJAXX have Public Liability cover of up to £1 million and Professional Indemnity of up to £1 million

Are AUDIOJAXX willing to travel?

Yes, AUDIOJAXX are willing to travel, AUDIOJAXX LOVE a road trip!

How long does it take for the band to set up?

The band will require 60 minutes to set up and sound check. For weddings, usually the band will set up after the wedding breakfast, while the room is being prepared for the evening reception.

What time will the band show up?

The band aim to arrive at venues at 6pm for events that start at 7pm. If your event times are different, we can discuss a different ETA.

How much space do the band need to set up?

Ideally the band  require a space of around 5m x 4m, but can squeeze into smaller. Please contact AUDIOJAXX if you have any queries or pass our details on if you are hiring a stage.

How far in advance should I book the band?

AUDIOJAXX would advise to book the band as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Contact us now for a quick no-obligation quote.

Should I book a DJ as well as a band?

This is entirely your choice. The band have a large range of songs to play as part of the DJ provision. However, AUDIOJAXX are a band not superstar DJs. If you are after a full DJ experience with cheesy DJ voice introductions for every song - you may wish to book a DJ too. If you're happy with just great music to keep the party going then AUDIOJAXX have that covered. 

Can my guests get up and sing at the party?

AUDIOJAXX actively encourage guests to dance, sing along and enjoy themselves. The band must ask that you respect the fact that there is tens of thousands of pounds of equipment on stage, which can be easily damaged or broken by drink spillage or from being knocked over. So we insist that guests remain on the dancefloor. AUDIOJAXX ask politely for your support with this.

Can the band set up in the morning before the wedding?

AUDIOJAXX offer evening entertainment and have based their quote around this. If the band are required to arrive at the venue earlier than agreed, then you should request this asap. This is likely to substantially increase your quote.   

Will AUDIOJAXX play outdoors?

Yes. AUDIOJAXX have played many an outdoor event but insist that weather conditions are suitable and that coverage is provided for the stage area along with two separate electric feeds to where the band will play.

Do I need to provide any equipment for the band?

AUDIOJAXX will arrive with everything that they need apart from an electricity supply. The band require two separate electricity feeds to the area they will be setting up in.

The only other thing the band advise is that you provide them with respect throughout the night and maybe a few refreshments...AUDIOJAXX perform at their best having been fed and watered!

Email: info@audiojaxx.co.uk